How to Make a Paper Plate Tambourine

Make a Paper Plate Tambourine

How to Make a Paper Plate Tambourine. So, the kids are bored and want an afternoon craft project. Why not transform those paper plates in your kitchen cabinet, into musical instruments? Chances are, that you already have everything they need, and you can even recycle old magazines, holiday cards and Christmas ribbon to decorate these easy and fun to make paper plate tambourines.

Decorate the outside of both plates. Go crazy. You can paint them as you'd like, or make a collage. Draw something you love or recycle old holiday cards. Use your imagination and reuse things around the house.

Allow the paint and/or glue to dry and punch holes around the edges of both plates, spacing the holes every inch. Hold the plates together with the insides facing.

Align the plates so that the holes match and thread both ribbons through a set of holes. Tie a knot at the top of the tambourine. Remember to leave an inch or two of ribbon dangling underneath the tambourine.

Place a jingle bell onto the ribbons, string the ribbon through the next hole and tie another knot to attach the bell. Continue running the ribbons through the holes and adding bells until you reach the starting point, and secure the ends of the ribbons with a knot.


Remember to use thick paper plates that can withstand the gentle beating of a hand. If you only have the flimsy type, you can double up or stuff the inside of the tambourine with newspaper to reinforce the plates. Ever notice that after a small get together or party, there seems to be a million paper plates that are only half dirty? Why not recycle them for your next paper plate tambourine craft session? Use small paper plates to create festive jingle bell door ornaments at Christmas.

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