How to Make a Paper Pine Cone

Create unique paper pine cones for decorations.
Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

Decorate your house with pine cones made from different colors of paper. For authentic looking paper pine cones, use shades of brown. Paper pine cones make excellent tree ornaments or additions to table settings. Set up a paper pine cone craft making station at a children’s party or in the classroom. This craft is easy for children old enough to use scissors.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass Or Plastic Beads
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pin
  • Pencil
  • Card Stock Paper
  • Flexible Wire
  • Brown Construction Paper

Trace the shape of a flower with multiple petals and no stem, on the card stock paper. Make the edges of the petals curved or angled depending on your preference. This is the template for the pine cone layers. The size of the flower depends on how big you want your pine cone. Make six templates, each one smaller with fewer petals. The sixth template will be the tip of the pine cone. Cut out the templates.

Use the templates to trace pine cone layers on various shades of brown construction paper. Different shades add a feeling of texture and depth to the pine cone. Each pine cone needs all six descending layers. Cut out all the layers.

Poke a hole, using the straight pin, through the center of each layer. Make the hole large enough for the wire to fit through.

Cut a piece of wire at least 4 inches long for each pine cone. Thread a bead through the wire. Make a small loop at the end of the wire to stop the bead from falling off. Put the wire through the hole of your smallest pine cone layer so the layer rests on the bead. Thread another bead to rest on top of the layer.

Repeat the process, using larger layers each time with the largest at the top. After you place the last layer, loop the wire so it can be used as a hanger. Hang the paper pine cone on a tree or wreath.