How to Make a Paper Cross

A paper cross is a relatively simple craft to master. Although there are certainly more complex variations, including origami crosses folded from a square of paper, a simple design based from a single strip of paper accomplishes the same end with less folding (and less risk of paper cuts). Use the paper cross as a decoration or a religious object, or simply as a folding exercise. Its straightforward design makes it a good starting project for children.

Fold the wider end of the paper directly back on itself at a point one-quarter of the way down the strip, so that the folded end reaches to the center of the entire strip.

Fold the longer length at a 90-degree angle (this second fold will occur at one-third of the length of the entire original strip, measuring from the wide end).

Fold the longer, protruding end again, back on itself, to cross the wide end of the paper exactly opposite from the 90-degree fold. This fold should be made 5/12 of the way from the wide end of the original strip.

Fold the same strip again at the forth point of the cross, equally distant from the center post (the wider end of the strip) as your most recent fold.

Wrap the remaining length of the narrow end around the intersection of the beams of the cross and tuck the end in to secure the entire structure. Trim off excess after the point is tucked securely.


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