How to Make a Musical Instrument Out of a Straw

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

Musical instruments can be made from a variety of objects, including a drinking straw. By bending and cutting holes into the straw, you can change the sound that comes out of the straw. The straw ends up being used like a reed instrument.

Put one end of the straw between your front teeth. Use your teeth to flatten the straw from the very tip to one inch in.

Use your scissors to make two cuts at the flattened end of the straw. Cut off the left corner of the flattened end, as well as the right corner of the flattened end. The flattened end of the straw should now look like a point. Make sure the flattened end is open and that the sides aren't stuck together. This is the end that will go in your mouth.

Slightly bend the opposite side of the straw with your hand.

Put the hole punch halfway onto the part of the straw you are flattening with your hand. Press down to punch out a finger hole in the straw. The hole should only go through the top layer of the straw, which is why you need to punch half of a flattened side. When the straw is no longer flattened and turned to the side, the hole will only show up on one side of the straw.

Repeat Step 4 to make two more finger holes. They should be equally separated and shouldn't be too near the mouthpiece end of the straw.

Blow into the straw. Change the sound that comes out by covering and uncovering the finger holes.


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