How to Make a Mr. T Costume

How to Make a Mr. T Costume. If you lived at any time during the 1980s, chances are you know of Mr. T. The action star is as well known for his outlandish way of dressing as he is for the butts he whooped on "The A Team" or "Rocky III." If you want to be the talk of your next costume party, put together a costume of one of the 80's most recognizable faces.

Take an army-style vest or a jean jacket with the sleeves removed. A long-sleeved pullover shirt can be worn underneath, or the vest can be worn with no shirt at all.

Add a pair of camouflage-colored army pants. Old, faded and possibly ripped blue jeans may work as well. Be sure to include the largest belt you can find. The best shoes to wear are heavy work boots.

Find as much gold jewelry as you can. Wear as many gold necklaces as possible. Add bracelets and rings to the costume. Just be aware of how much extra weight this will be.

Get ready for the most difficult part of the costume--the hair. Make it curly and full with mutton chops on the bottom and shaved into a mohawk on top. Purchase a customized wig or cut your own hair this way.

Grow a full mustache and beard across most of your face. Or get a fake beard in this style. For the final piece of the costume, sport a pair of dark sunglasses.

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