How to Make a Money Bouquet Images

Things You'll Need

  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Silk leaves
  • Money bills of choice (five for each rose)

A money bouquet makes an elegant gift perfect for wedding and baby showers. Money bouquets may be made from any denomination of bills. When the recipient tires of the bouquet, she can use the money to buy a memorable gift.

Lay the bills of choice face side up and roll each of the four corners around a toothpick to create a curl. Curl toward the middle of the bill. The curl becomes the outside of the rose.

Turn the bills over and crease in half lengthwise.

Pinch the bill together in the center so that it is crimped, and place a piece of floral wire over the crimp and bring it under the fold, then twist the ends of the wire together to form a stem. The bill now has a bowtie shape.

Push the center of the base of the bill, near the stem, outward with your thumb to create a cup-like shape.

Repeat the process with the remaining bills.

Hold one of the wired petals in your hand. Add two petals around the first petal, covering the open sides of the first petal. Add the following two petals back to back with the first petal, covering the openings of the previous petals. Twist all the wires together to form a long stem.

Wrap florist tape from the bottom of the rose down the wire stem.

Tape silk leaves onto the stem and wrap the entire stem with floral tape.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 to complete the bouquet with as many flowers as you desire.


  • Make a single rose to use as a fun boutonniere or package decoration.


  • Don't pull the floral wire so tight that it rips or damages the money.