How to Make a Mirror

How to Make a Mirror. Making mirrors to use as wall hangings, trays or table tops is a great way to add light and interest to your décor. Buy mirror making kits at craft stores or come up with your own original designs using your own favorite frames or pieces of furniture.

Wall Mirror

Look for unique and interesting frames at antique stores, second hand shops or garage sales.

Measure the frame you will be using or take the cardboard template from inside the frame to the store as a resource.

Purchase mirrored glass from any home supply store or craft store. Large pieces of mirrored glass should be cut to size before taken home. Smaller sized glass is usually found at the craft store.

Attach the mirrored glass to a piece of plywood or sturdy cardboard the same size as the mirror. Glue in place with liquid nails to guarantee a secure hold.

Slide mirrored glass into frame. Mount picture hangers on the back of the frame and hang on the wall.

Tray Mirror

Take any old wooden or plastic tray and measure the inside from edge to edge. Trace the bottom on a piece of paper.

Have a piece of mirrored glass cut to fit the size of your tray.

Apply a bead of hot glue around the edges of the inside of the tray.

Immediately press mirrored glass onto the hot glue inside the tray.

Table Top Mirror

Add a mirror to a sturdy side table by measuring the top of the table.

Take measurements to your home supply store and have a piece of mirrored glass and a piece of regular glass cut to the appropriate size.

Have the glass cutter bevel the edges of the clear glass for safety and a nice finished edge.

Attach the mirrored glass to the top of the table using industrial strength Velcro adhesive. This will allow you to remove the mirror if you ever want to change the look of the table.

Cover the mirrored glass with clear glass and anchor together with small glass clamps.


  • Consider slipping some family photos, postcards or other pieces of memorabilia between the two pieces of glass to add your own personality to the new table top.

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