How to Make a Minotaur Costume

Things You'll Need

  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Old shoes
  • Fake fur
  • Vinyl
  • Old towels/cloth
  • Papier-mache

How to Make a Minotaur Costume. If you want to dress as a minotaur at your next costume party, creating one is no easy job. The most difficult task is likely creating the bull's head for this half man/half bull creature. But if you have the skill to design such a head, the rest of the minotaur costume should be easy.

Start with a large brown or possibly gray sweatshirt. Sew or glue brown or black fake fur onto the shoulders, back and maybe the arms. Stuff the inside with foam, towels or anything else to simulate muscles.

Take a pair of sweatpants the same color as the shirt. Hopefully, you have a matching set of shirt and pants. Attach more fur to the pant legs. Attach a long strip of fur to the rear end for the tail.

Wrap brown or gray vinyl around an old pair of shoes for the hooves. Make sure the vinyl sticks out enough from the toe of each shoe to make the cleft in the middle of each hoof.

Make a loin cloth to wear around the midsection. This is as simple as draping a towel or two over a belt at both the front and back ends.

Create the bull's head with papier-mache. Create the basic head shape with the horns and snout using posterboard or strong mesh. Apply paste-soaked newspaper strips to fill out the exact shape. Place more fake fur on the head and paint the horns.


  • A play sword or axe is a good addition to the costume. You may get by with just making the head, loincloth and hooves.