How to Make a Mini Catapult

Things You'll Need

  • 6 chop sticks
  • Plastic cup
  • Several medium-width elastic bands
  • Sticky Tack or plasticine
  • Pen

How to Make a Mini Catapult. Mini catapults can be fun toys. The easiest one to make involves simply leveraging a spoon with your hands. While this works in a pinch, you can make another mini catapult that looks more interesting and is more fun to use.

Arrange three of the chopsticks flat on a table in the shape of a triangle. Make sure the ends are overlapping. Secure the ends using elastic bands.

Create a freestanding pyramid by attaching the remaining three sticks to the original triangle. Use elastic bands to secure the sticks together. Try to keep the thinner ends of the stick at the top of the pyramid where possible. The heavier bottoms will help stabilize the pyramid.

Poke three holes in the cup using the pen. Space the holes evenly just under the rim of the cup.

Tie one elastic band through each hole you just made in the cup. Make sure each elastic band is securely knotted.

Rotate the pyramid so that a triangle is directly facing you. Position the cup with its opening facing you. Tie one end of each elastic band to each corner until the cup is suspended in the air.

Fire the catapult by loading it with whatever ammunition you choose, pulling the cup back and letting go. You may need to hold onto the back of the pyramid to provide additional support.


  • You can also use six new pencils instead of chopsticks. In a bind, you can even use six straws, but your catapult won't be very strong.

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