How to Make a Mickey Mouse Costume

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How to Make a Mickey Mouse Costume. Mickey Mouse is easily the most famous Disney character ever. So kids everywhere love to see the character costumes or dress up like him themselves. Since Mickey is part of Disney's super-marketing machine, there are definitely costumes available. But you can design your own costume and become "the leader of the club that's made for you and me!"

Take a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. This will make up the main body. Try to get a sweatshirt with a hood for the head.

Add a pair of red shorts. Attach 2 large yellow circles onto the front for the buttons.

Attach a tail to the seat of the shorts. You can use black yarn, ribbon or felt. Just make sure the tail is secure and won't get in the way.

Add a pair of white gloves. They can be any type, from leather to wool. If you can't find a white pair, take any pair and dye or paint them white.

Add a pair of bright yellow shoes. These may be hard to find. Your best choice could be painting an old pair of tennis shoes yellow.

Add the most important piece--the ears. You can use either cartoon mouse ears from a costume store, cardboard circles painted black or that old Mickey Mouse Club hat you've got in the attic.

Add a clown nose painted black or simply paint the wearer's nose black. You'll only need other face makeup if the face isn't very tan.