How to Make a Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

How to Make a Mary Poppins Halloween Costume. Halloween will be a jolly 'oliday when you dress up like Mary Poppins! This prim and proper costume is easy to put together from items in your own closet or borrowed from friends. It will be even more fun if you can convince someone to be Bert, the chimney sweep, to dance alongside you as you trick or treat.

Watch the Disney production of Mary Poppins to get ideas, see the stage production or view stills from the movie at IMDb.com.

Find or make a long-sleeved white blouse that buttons up to the neck.

Make a little bow tie out of ribbon. If you know how to tie the real thing, great. Or, you can fashion a faux bow tie and attach Velcro for easy on and off. (Mary would approve.)

Wear a fitted jacket and a long or 3/4-length skirt as Mary wears in the film. If you don't own a fitted jacket, opt for a long sensible coat over your outfit. Make sure the waist of your outfit is cinched tight with a belt.

Splurge on a pair of old-fashioned high-buttoned black boots with a curved heel (Louis heel) or high heels with a strap across the foot.

Top off your Halloween costume with a hat. A plain black one is fine, but don't forget a flower to finish the look.

Add a carpetbag with handles and a large black umbrella, and you'll be unmistakably Mary. Throw in some surprise props from the movie, such as a spoonful of sugar or colored medicine bottles.


Mary always wore her dark hair pinned up in the movie, with just a few loose curls around her face. If you have short or lighter-colored hair, buy a wig for the occasion and style it to look like Mary's hair. Part of Mary Poppins' charm is her poise. Mary would never slouch or say unkind things. She is at all times a lady, even when she's popping in and out of chimneys. Turn your feet out while standing in place. This classic Mary Poppins pose will complete your look. You may get extra Halloween candy for playing the part to a tee.