How to Make a Lampshade Pattern

Making a lampshade pattern.
Image by Natasha Lawrence

It is simple and fairly quick to make a lampshade pattern from paper for any shape shade. Use your lampshade pattern to make shade covers in paper or fabric. After you create a basic lampshade cover, decoupage images in a variety of themes that appeal to both children and adults, like holidays, sports or flowers.

Making a lampshade pattern.
Image by Natasha Lawrence

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Lampshade
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Brown Shipping Paper
  • Masking Tape

Unroll wide, brown shipping paper so it's flat on your work table. Secure the corners and edges with masking tape so the paper does not roll up. Unroll enough paper to more than cover your lampshade.

Lay the lampshade on one edge of the paper. Use the lampshade's seam as a guide to align the shade with the paper.

Hold a marker in one hand and slowly roll the lampshade toward the opposite end of the paper, starting at the seam. Mark the top and bottom of the lampshade with dashes. Roll the lampshade and mark it's edges until the shade makes a complete, 360-degree turn. Mark the end where the seam is.

Use a ruler and marker to connect the top and bottom edge marks where the lampshade completed its 360-degree turn.

Cut the paper along the top and bottom dashes and the end line to complete your lampshade pattern.


  • If the lampshade has an odd shape, it may be necessary to mark and cut half of the pattern at a time; make two pieces of the pattern separately, then attach them with tape. Use the lampshade pattern to create removable covers for holiday decoration.