How to Make a Homemade Ninja Mask

Turn a T-shirt into a ninja mask.
polo tshirt black image by Danuta Kania from

Whether you are kid playing or an adult dressing up for a costume party, you can make a ninja mask simply and easily using a dark colored T-shirt. The tutorial below will instruct you how to wear your T-shirt over you head to resemble a ninja mask without needing to cut or destroy the t-shirt. Using a T-shirt as a ninja mask is an economical way to complete your costume.

Turn the T-shirt inside out.

Place the T-shirt over your head and stick part of your face into the neck hole.

Tie the arms of the T-shirt together securely around the back of your head. The shirt should not be tight so tight that it is uncomfortable or will damage the shirt.

Roll the top of the neck hole up towards your forehead and roll the bottom of the neck hole toward your nose. Your nose can either stick out of the neck hole or not if you choose.

Spread the rest of your shirt over your shoulders and costume or tuck the shirt into the neck of your costume, depending on the look you are going for.

Untie the arms of the ninja mask when you are ready to take it off.