How to Make a Hologram Card

Fancy cards are very popular these days, whether they talk, play music or have holograms on them. While all of these cards are interesting to look at, they can be pretty expensive. It’s a lot less costly to make your own hologram card to give to friends or relatives. Not only will it look just as nice, it will have that personal touch. You can buy hologram paper to use at your local craft store. It reflects light in different colors depending on how you look at it.

Things You'll Need

  • Glitter Paint Pen
  • Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Two Sheets Of Hologram Paper (Any Style)
  • 8.5" By 11" Sheet Of Card Stock


Turn your card stock so that one of the long sides is facing you. Then fold it in half from left to right. Make a very tight crease so the card can be opened and closed easily.

Trim your hologram paper down to a square shape that will fit on the front of your card. Glue it to your card with your school glue by putting a line of glue on two of the back edges and then laying it down. For a more traditional card, place the square parallel to the edges of the card. If you want something a little different, you can rotate it so it looks more like a diamond, with the corners at the top and bottom instead.

Wait five minutes for the glue to dry. Then trace the outside of your square with glitter paint to add to the hologram effects. Keep your paint lines thin so that the paint doesn’t bleed over onto the paper too much. If you work quickly this won’t happen.

Write a message on top of the hologram paper, again using the glitter paint. Plan what you want to say ahead of time so you can write it as fast as possible.

Cut letters and shapes out of your leftover hologram paper while you’re waiting for the glitter paint to dry. Glue these onto either the inside or outside of your card. It’s best to save some for the inside so the front doesn’t look too busy. Plus, hologram letters by themselves make for a startling and beautiful effect.

Write and sign your card as usual when you are finished decorating it.


  • Some craft stores sell holographic images you can use instead of the plain paper. You can also cut your own images out of a sheet of stamped holographic wrapping paper.

    If you don't want to use glitter paint, you can write on the hologram paper with a permanent marker. Water soluble markers will wipe off.


  • Hologram paper can be slippery. It’s best to work with it with dry hands. Also, be careful not to crease it. Even if you take out the folds you will be left with dark lines that don’t reflect the light correctly.