How to Make a Halloween Mummy

Things You'll Need

  • Shoes
  • Shirt
  • White Sheets, Toilet Paper or Gauze
  • Safety Pins
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Milk Jug
  • Pants

How to Make a Halloween Mummy. Whether you are making a Halloween mummy for a party or for an outside holiday decoration, you will be able to accomplish the task with a minimal amount of effort and supplies. The Halloween mummy is easy to make using things you have around your home. Read on to learn how to make a Halloween mummy.

Start by using safety pins to attach a pair of pants and long sleeve shirt. Use adult size clothing for a large mummy or child size clothes for a smaller one.

Stuff toilet paper or newspaper into the pants and shirt to fill. When you are done stuffing, the pants and shirt should hold their shape and resemble a scarecrow.

Begin to wrap the mummy body with your choice of wrappings. You can used white bed sheets cut into strips, toilet paper or gauze. Sheet strips can be tied to together to make one continuous strip.

Use a gallon size milk jug to make the mummy's head. Secure the jug to the neck of the shirt with a large stick. Put the stick halfway into the stuffing of the shirt and the other half into the opening of the jug. Continue wrapping around the milk jug to cover the mummy's "face."

Sit your mummy on the ground or in a chair. Put shoes at the bottoms of the pant legs. Tuck the pants into the shoes and wrap the shoes to cover completely. Add hands to the mummy by pinning gloves to the bottom of the shirt sleeves. Stuff the gloves with newspaper and cover with sheet strips.

Cut round eyes out of black construction paper and glue them on your mummy.


  • For an outdoor mummy, stuff with leaves or plastic bags.

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