How to Make a Good Beyblade

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted Beyblade performance tips
  • Assorted Beyblade spin tracks
  • Assorted Beyblade fusion wheels
  • Assorted Beyblade energy rings
  • Beyblade facebolt
  • Beyblade tightening key

Beyblade battles can be fun and exciting, and everyone wants to win. Each Beyblade comes with a unique set of attributes that you can change to your advantage by swapping out the different parts with other Beyblades. There are three attributes: attack, defense and stamina. Balance is sometimes considered an attribute, and is the balanced combination of all three attributes in one Beyblade. Choosing which attributes to strengthen and enhance depends mainly upon your opponent's Beyblade.

Knowing how to customize, or fuse, your Beyblade can greatly increase your chances of beating your friends and advance in tournaments. The number of ways you can customize your Beyblade is as great as the number of opponents you may face.

Defensive Beyblades

Counter a strong attacking Beyblade by building a Beyblade strong on defense.

Select the components for your Beyblade. A very good metal fusion wheel for defense is the Earth wheel. Add an Aquario energy ring (sometimes called the "clear wheel"), a Wide Ball performance tip (available on Rock Leone or Rock Giraffe) and a Claw 145 spin track (available on Flame Sagittario).

Construct your Beyblade. Place the energy ring atop the fusion wheel. Using the tightening key, attach the face bolt to the top in the center of the energy ring and the spin track below the fusion wheel. Finally, snap the performance tip onto the bottom of the spin track.

Attack Beyblades

Build a Beyblade with a strong attack to counter a Beyblade with strong stamina.

Select the components for your Beyblade. A strong attack combination is a Vulcan fusion wheel, a Bull energy ring, a Rubber Flat performance tip (available on Storm Pegasus) and a 100 spin track (available on Lightning L Drago and Wind Aquario).

Follow the building instructions in Section 1, Step 3.

Stamina Beyblades

Counter a strong defensive Beyblade by building a Beyblade with strong stamina.

Select the components for your Beyblade. A good stamina combination is a Virgo fusion wheel, a Bull energy ring, an SD performance tip (available on Dark Bull and Poison Serpent), and a 145 spin track (available on Rock Leone).

Follow the building instructions in Section 1, Step 3.


  • Experiment with other combinations. Try different launching techniques to improve performance.


  • According to Hasbro Inc., you should only use your Beyblades in Beystadiums. Never use your Beyblades on elevated surfaces such as a table.


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