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How to Make a Glowstick Costume

How to Make a Glowstick Costume. If you want a quick costume for Halloween or just want a bright way to create a unique costume, glowsticks are the way to go. You don't need to know any special sewing techniques to create this costume. All you need is dark clothing, a lot of glowsticks and a needle and thread.

Pick the clothing that you want to use for the costume. Dark cloth will show off the glowsticks to the best advantage. You can also use light colored clothing or colors to show off the glowsticks in different ways.

Choose your glowsticks. There are a variety of options and colors that you can use for your costume. There are glowsticks that will last only a few hours or you can get industrial glowsticks that can last up to 24 hours. There are also a variety of color options that include yellow, green, pink and purple.

Decide on the design that you are going to use to attach the glowsticks to the clothing for your costume. You can use the glowsticks to accent or outline your clothing, create a pattern, or just completely cover the outfit in the glowsticks. It all depends on what you want your costume to look like.

Thread your needle with a color of thread that matches your clothing. Tie a knot in the end of the thread.

Place a glowstick where you want it to be on the cloth.

Bring the needle up beside the glowstick, wrap the thread around the glowstick and sew back down through the cloth again. Repeat until you have thread wrapped around the glowstick several times.

Knot off the thread and cut the excess thread.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 at each end of each glowstick that you want to attach to the costume.

Attach all the glowsticks but wait to break the glowsticks and begin their time glowing. You want to wait until the last moment so that the glowsticks can last as long as possible.


If you have glowsticks with holes at the end you can use safety pins to attach the glowsticks to your costume.


  • Glowsticks contain hazardous chemicals and glass. Don't pierce the plastic covering of the glowsticks.
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