How to Make a Globe From Paper

The easiest way to make a globe from paper is to use paper mache. Paper mache is a versatile artistic medium. Paper mache products are sturdy and last a long time. Paper mache can be formed into various shapes and decorated many different ways when dry. It is the perfect choice for a globe made from paper.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper Strips
  • Scissors
  • Large Bowl
  • Blue, Yellow, And White Paint And Paint Brushes
  • Round Balloon
  • String Or Yarn (Optional)
  • Liquid Starch

Blow up a round balloon. If you intend to hang your globe from a hook in the ceiling, tie a piece of string around the end.

Pour liquid starch in a large bowl and cut lots of newspapers into strips. Dip one newspaper strip at a time into the starch, run through your fingers, and place on the balloon. Smooth the paper so there are no bumps or wrinkles.

Cover the balloon completely with newspaper strips dipped in starch. Let dry for an hour, come back and do it again. Wait another hour, and cover the balloon with a third layer. Allow to dry overnight.

Paint the entire globe blue. While the blue paint is wet, swirl some yellow paint in different spots onto the globe, and then you should see some green color develop. Wait for the blue and yellow paint to dry, then paint the "caps" white.


  • This makes a nice elementary school art project.