How to Make a Dragon Out of Balloons

A dragon balloon is the perfect tabletop ornament for a birthday party, a Cub Scout dinner, or any other medieval-themed occasion. The balloon dragon is simple to create and can be made by even the most inexperienced balloon artists. The dragon balloon can be made uniform in color, or dual-toned by using two different colored balloons.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Straw
  • Clear Tape
  • 3 No. 360 Yellow Balloons
  • 3 No. 360 Red Balloons
  • 2 No. 160 Balloons, Green Or Red
  • Balloon Inflater Hand Pump

Assemble Your Dragon

Inflate the two green No. 160 balloons. Leave about 6 inches not inflated on both of the balloons. Set one of the balloons aside.

Twist the end of one of the green balloons so that the balloon has a 4-inch bubble at one end. This is the head section of the dragon.

On the head, twist a small bubble at the end of the balloon. Twist this small bubble into two equal sections. These sections should form two small nostrils.

At the back end of the head bubble, twist a larger bubble that measures approximately 1.5 inches. Twist this bubble into two equal sections to create the dragon’s eyes. Leave a 6-inch length for the dragon’s neck.

Create one of the dragon’s wings. Twist the end of the dragon’s 6-inch neck section. Leave a 4-inch section and twist again. Allow 1.5 inches of space, and twist again. Repeat this process. You should have two 4-inch sections and two 1.5-inch sections. There should be a 4-inch section left at the end.

Wrap the last length of the balloon around the neck section. The wing should appear to be flying. Twist the remaining 4-inch section of the balloon downward so that it forms the dragon’s leg.

Use the second balloon to create the second wing, and the dragon’s body. Leave a 4-inch section at the end of the balloon and twist the balloon. Leave another 4-inch section and twist again. Allow 1.5 inches of space, and twist again. Repeat this process. You should have three 4-inch sections and two 1.5-inch sections.

Leave a 4-inch body section after the wing. Create another 4-inch section and twist again. The end of the balloon should have two 4-inch sections. Twist these sections together to create two legs, and leave the remaining balloon for a tail. Attach the two balloon sections together at the wing.

Create Dragon’s Fire

Place a straw inside the No. 350 red balloon. Stuff the red balloon inside the orange balloon and remove the straw.

Cut the balloons every few inches at a 60-degree angle. Alternate the cuts so that no cut is directly opposite the other.

Re-insert the straw inside the balloons and tie the balloons at the end. Attach the fire to the dragon’s mouth with clear tape.