How to Make a Dollar Bill Gift Box

A dollar bill gift box makes an excellent gift for someone special. Just think of how that new graduate will feel when they open up your box to find money folded into a box instead of just laying flat. This is something that people remember and they might love it so much that they can’t stand to take it apart. When you give this gift you’ll also be pleased to know that it took you only a few minutes to make such a unique piece.

Make the Box

Place one bill flat with the portrait of Washington facing up and fold the dollar lengthwise into three equal portions. Unfold the bill and you should see two distinct fold lines.

Fold the bill again so that you bring the top corner of the bill over to the right side of the portrait and fold it again so that the top corner touches the left side of the portrait. You’ll need to fold the bill again by bringing the flat edge down to the lower edge of the portrait. Unfold the bill.

At the corner of the bill you should see a point where your two fold lines meet on the right side. Tear the bill at this spot so that you have a small rip leading right from the edge of the dollar to that point.

Gently pull up on the bill until the bill folds over on itself, creating a corner where the tear meets the side. Fold the other three corners until you have the same thing on each side. This should also make two tabs that stick out slightly on each end.

Fold the tabs over until they slide inside the box. This will create the natural sides of your box. Do this for both tabs so that you end up with two sides. Then fold over the extra pieces of dollar bill so that you have an open box with four sides and a bottom.

Make the Lid

Lay the second fill flat down and fold it lengthwise so that it’s the same width as your box. You may need to compare it to the box to get it the right size.

Tuck the edge of the bill into the seam of your box on the bottom. This holds the lid in place while you fold it into the right size.

Fold the lid over the side of the box and the top of the box. Continue winding the dollar around the box until you reach the end.

Remove the lid portion from the box and follow the fold lines you created earlier to fold the dollar into a smaller size. This will create a small sliding box that you can easily fit over your open box.

Slide the lid or cover over the open box and you should have a perfect little box. If you want you can add a little ribbon over the top or place something inside the box.


  • You’ll find it easier if you use newer bills that are flat and not bent or crumpled. If your bills aren’t straight you can lay them flat between two heavy books to straighten them out. You can use any dollar amount you want to make this gift box. If you plan on giving it as a present you may want to consider using a larger amount.