How to Make a Cute Shirt From an Ugly One

How to Make a Cute Shirt From an Ugly One. If you have an old, ugly shirt cluttering up your closet, you are not alone. There are some easy ways to turn it into a cute shirt that you can actually wear with a pair of scissors and just a few hours of time.

Identify what, specifically, about the shirt you think is ugly. Check things like the fit, the neckline, the sleeves and any embellishments it may have.

Cut the sleeves into cap sleeves, or cut them off entirely to make a sleeveless shirt. Remove any unattractive embellishments or add your own ribbon, trim and lace.

Rip up the side seams of a loose T-shirt to make it more form-fitting, stopping just before the arm or sleeve holes. Cut off about 2 inches of each flap, and use the point of the scissors to poke even holes along the sides. Lace a thick ribbon through the holes starting at the top, just like you would a shoelace, and tie at the bottom.

Enhance the neckline by cutting a crew neck into a deep V, scoopneck or a boatneck style. An unfinished and uneven edge looks funky, so don't worry about cutting it wrong.

Create a sexy tube top by taking your bust, waist and hip measurements. Divide these numbers in half, and then add 1/2 inch to each for seam allowances. Lay the shirt flat, and cut a straight line across the top under the neckline. Cut an hourglass shape, matching your measurements, through both layers of fabric. If there is a design on the shirt you want to preserve, make sure it is well centered between the sides as you cut. Sew a new seam up each side and hem the top and bottom.


Cut pieces off a little bit at a time, and then evaluate. You can always cut more off, but you can't add it back on.

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