How to Make a Curling Iron Cover

Things You'll Need

  • ½ yard cotton print fabric for outside of cover
  • ½ yard cotton print fabric for inside of cover
  • ½ yard Insul-Bright insulating fabric
  • ½ yard cotton batting

The same heat that makes curling irons so effective at styling hair also makes it difficult to put them away after use. You have to wait for the iron to cool off before you store it. Often this means it’s easier to leave the curling iron out. But sometimes you need to store a curling iron quickly. If you’re traveling and headed out the door, it would be nice to be able to stick the iron in the suitcase right away. A curling iron cover is made of insulated fabric that prevents the iron from burning you or your belongings. They’re easy to sew and make great gifts.

Layer the two print fabrics, right sides together. The inside fabric should be face down on the top. Stack the batting, the Insul-Bright and your cotton fabrics together.

Measure your curling iron. Make a paper pattern the length of your iron plus one inch and 12 to 15 inches wide, depending on the thickness of your curling iron. Use the wider width for larger curling irons. Cut off one corner at one shorter end of the pattern diagonally, starting about 1 ½ inches from the top.

Pin the pattern to the stacked fabrics and cut through all layers.

Sew a ½ inch seam all the way around through all layers, leaving a three-inch opening on one long side. Backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your stitches.

Trim the batting and Insul-Brite close to the seam. Trim corners and turn right side out. The inner patterned fabric should now be on one side, the outer patterned fabric on the other. Stitch the opening closed.

Lay the cover on a table with the cut-off corner at the top left. Divide the fabric into thirds horizontally and mark off these sections. Top-stitch through all layers on your marked lines. Top stitch the cut-off corner and across the top of the piece.

Fold the right side of the piece over until it meets the sewn line on the left side of the piece. Stitch along this line to secure the fabric.

Fold the left, angled side over to meet the right side and stitch the edge in place.

Slip your curling iron into the back pocket and the curling iron cord into the front pocket.


  • Adjust the stitch length to about 2.5 to sew through all the layers without puckering.