How to Make a Cowl Neck Images

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • 1 yard of fabric, such as cotton or jersey
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

Cowl necks can be added to dresses and shirts to create a unique touch to an outfit. This style also works well at keeping the winter chill away. Making your own cowl neck allows you to decide the fabric style, and how long you would like the cowl to hang on your neckline. This effect can be created on a budget and with just a few sewing implements.

Measure the circumference of the neckline to which you will be attaching the cowl. Add one inch to this measurement. For example the collar might be 25 inches. After adding one inch onto the measurement it would be 26 inches.

Mark out a rectangle on the fabric. The length of the rectangle should reflect the measurement obtained in Step 1, in this example 26 inches. The width of the rectangle should be about 15-20 inches, depending on how large you would like the cowl to be. The wider the rectangle, the larger the cowl will be and the more it will drape around the neckline.

Cut out the rectangle of cloth created in Step 2 using a pair of scissors. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise so that the right side of the fabric remains visible, and the underside of the fabric -- what will be the inside of the hat -- is hidden from view. Fold the rectangle again in the other direction and pin the two short sides together at the end.

Sew along the edges of the folded rectangle to attach the two folded ends created in Step 3, 1/2 inch inside of the edge of the fabric. Keep the newly created tube turned with the new seam visibly out.

Pin the the bottom of the cowl to the neckline of the shirt or dress with the raw edge side, not the folded side, touching the neckline. Pin in place with the shirt right side out and the cowl hanging down from the top of the shirt.

Use the sewing machine to sew the cowl in place around the neck of the garment. Flip the cowl up so that the seam created in Step 4 will be hidden from view. When wearing the garment adjust a few times to find the right placement for the extra cowl fabric.


  • Use a contrasting fabric to create the new cowl on the top. Keep the cowl as a separate to create a cowl scarf.