How to Make a Cow Paper Plate Mask

Use paper plates to create a cow mask.
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Paper plates often are used in craft projects for children. Although the round plates do not strongly resemble the shape of most animals' faces, you can work around this issue with a little creativity. Teach a child how to make a cow paper plate mask. While this is a simple project, you will need to use more than one plate per mask.

Use paper plates to create a cow mask.
cow image by david purday from

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • String
  • White Glue
  • 1 Large Paper Plate
  • Acrylic Or Tempera Paint
  • 3 Small Paper Plates

Position all plate pieces bottom-side up. Glue a small plate to the bottom of the large plate to make the cow's muzzle.

Cut two small paper plates in half and use these to form the cow's horns and ears. For the horns, glue one pair of halves to the back of the plate with the curved sides facing out. The flat insides should be about an inch away from each other. Position the other pair of halves just below the horns, sticking out from the sides with the curved sides facing down.

Create cow spots. Use black acrylic paint to create splotchy sections of black. Make each section about the size of the palm of your hand. Create partial spots that go off the edge of the plate to make the cow's markings look realistic.

Paint the horns brown. Let the paint dry.

Paint the cow's nose. Paint the small muzzle plate pink. Let it dry. Paint two large, vertical black ovals over the pink to create the cow's nostrils.

Cut out eye holes. Position each hole about an inch and a half from the center of the plate on the right and left sides. Make the eye holes large--at least the size of a quarter. You also can make the holes the size of a pencil eraser and paint brown eyes around the holes.

Attach the strings for the mask. Poke holes in either side of the mask and thread the string through them from behind. Tie a knot in the front of each piece of string to keep it from pulling through when the mask is tied in place.