How to Make a Computer Cover

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Fabrics
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Straight Pins
  • Threads
  • Scissors
  • Old Newspapers
Make a Computer Cover

How to Make a Computer Cover. Dust and cat hair aren't good for computers - but why settle for generic plastic when you can have cowboys (or flowers or polka dots) instead?

Making the Cover

Measure your computer: height (top of monitor to desk, including computer "box" if the monitor sits on one), depth (the widest part of the box or monitor, back-to-front), and width (the widest part of the box or monitor, side-to-side).

Measure your keyboard (side-to-side and front-to-back).

Double the side-to-side measurement for the keyboard (that is, if your keyboard is 16 inches by 6 inches, your fabric piece will be 32 inches by 6 inches, plus seam allowance).

Add 5/8 inch to all sides of all pieces for seam and narrow-hem allowance.

Make a pattern from newspaper. Draw each piece using the measurements you've taken and cut it out; you'll use it to cut out the fabric. You should have six pieces: one top, four sides, and one keyboard piece.

Use the pattern pieces to calculate how much fabric you will need. Get the fabric, and preshrink it if necessary.

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out your cover.

Pin the four sides to the top, right sides together, and sew.

Bring the sides together, right sides together, and sew (with each seam, your amorphous mass of fabric will begin to assume the shape of a cube).

Narrow-hem three sides.

Narrow-hem both short edges and one long edge of your keyboard piece.

Gather the unhemmed, long edge of the keyboard piece, pulling up to fit the unhemmed edge of the cube; tie off.

Pin the gathered edge of the keyboard piece to the unhemmed edge of the cube (right sides together) and sew.


Turn over 1/4 inch and press.

Turn over another 1/4 inch and press again.

Machine stitch.


Turn your stitch length to long.

Sew (without backtacking) two parallel lines, 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch, in from the edge.

Tie off one end (take hold of either the spool or the bobbin threads, gently pull up until you see a loop; grasp the loop and pull so that spool and bobbin threads are on the same side; tie securely).

Take hold of either the spool or the bobbin threads; pull gently with one hand while sliding fabric toward the tied-off end with the other.

Tie off when you've achieved the length you want.

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