How to Make a Coloring Book With Digital Pictures

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Things You'll Need

  • Photo-editing software, such as Photoshop or online photo editing tools
  • Printer with black ink
  • Plain white paper
  • Photo scanner (optional)

You can save money on coloring books when you make your own with digital pictures. The coloring books can be made from your own digital pictures or from pictures you find online. The digital pictures can be turned into simple line drawings, similar to a page in a coloring book, by digitally removing the color from the photo you can easily turn a picture into a coloring page.

Select a digital photo to use to make the coloring page from your computer, an online photo album or the Internet. You also could scan in an image and turn it into a digital file.

Open the photo-editing software, such as Photoshop, locate the digital photo and open it. Rotate or adjust the photo to make it easier to see. Increase the view so you can can get a closer look at the digital photo.

Use the "Save As" feature to create a copy of the original digital photo. Name it something simple and easy to remember, like the name of the photo plus the word "copy."

Change the "Mode" from "Color" to "Grayscale"; the photo will lose its color and turn gray.

Adjust the brightness of the image if it appears extremely dark.

Go to "Filter," then "Sketch," and choose "Photocopy." Adjust the "Detail" and "Darkness" settings by moving the arrows. Try different settings until the image resembles a coloring page.

Go to "Image," and select "Image Size," and adjust the image so that it fits on a letter-size piece of paper. Print the image.


  • Waiting to resize the image until the end can speed up the transformation process.

    Steps 5 and 6 may be repeated to achieve the right effect.


  • When using digital images owned by someone else, make coloring pages only for home use.

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