How to Make a Cockroach Out of Construction Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pen

Construction paper is a great starting point for arts and crafts projects. Use brown construction paper to creating a realistic looking cockroach, or use different colors to create a unique cockroach. After creating a basic cockroach, you can use your creativity and available materials to make it your own.

Choose the color construction paper you want to create the cockroach with.

Draw the main body of the cockroach on the construction paper. The body should be a slightly elongated oval. Look at pictures of a cockroach for guidance as needed.

Sketch six legs for the cockroach. The cockroach has three legs on each side of its body. Space these evenly along the sides. The front legs are generally straight and the other four legs are bent. Draw two antennas coming out of the head.

Cut out the cockroach from the construction paper, carefully cutting around the legs and antennas. Cut the cockroach further to change its shape if you want.

Draw wings down the back of the body, and add eyes to the head. Add details to the legs by using pens. Decorate the cockroach any way you like.


  • If you want to use multiple colors of construction paper for one cockroach, draw the pieces on the colors you want and cut them out. Use tape or glue to attach the pieces.