How to Make a Clay Butterfly

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Things You'll Need

  • Sculpey clay
  • Coffee stirrer
  • Long hologram seed beads
  • Paint

Clay butterflies are easy first-time clay sculptures. They can be painted all sorts of pretty colors and the finished product almost looks like the real thing.

Knead your clay between hands until soft and warm. TIP: Black clay stains! Make sure to use gloves or saran wrap while kneading. Baby powder sprinkled on the clay also makes clay not stick to surfaces.

Take a portion of the black clay and form a long butterfly body. The body should be about two inches in length and gently pinched half a centimeter in; this is the butterfly head. Next, roll out your bisque clay until it is three eighths of an inch thick.

Lay your black butterfly body on top of the bisque clay and use your coffee stirrer to outline your butterfly wings. You can create any shape and any style.

Take a clay knife or the coffee stirrer and cut out the wings you created. Next, cut open the butterfly body lengthwise (tail to neck) and insert the wings you cut out.

Lower the top part of the butterfly body and seal your edges using your finger. Now your butterfly wings are secure. Next, take two of the long shimmer seed beads and place them at the top of the butterfly head—these are the antennae.

Place figure in the 175-degree oven on a baking dish and bake for 15 minutes. Let cool for at least two hours.

Paint the butterfly any way you choose. You can create a pink butterfly, rainbow butterfly, whatever you like. After painting, make sure you protect your figure by varnishing it.

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