How to Make a Cell Phone Holder

Things You'll Need

  • Clean and empty soda can
  • Sturdy scissors
  • Glue
  • Single clean sock
  • Dried beans
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Small sealable plastic bag
  • Optional: beads, paint

A thoughtful craft that's kid-friendly uses recycled cans and a lone sock to make a personalized cell-phone holder. These gifts are suitable for desks, and the size of the holder can also fit in cup holders in a car, allowing easy access to a ringing cell phone. This easy craft is economical for holiday gift-giving, birthdays, or for Mother's or Father's Day presents because recycled and household materials are used.

Place a mark on the side of the can that is three inches from the bottom. Place marks at regular intervals such as one inch apart to create an even-cutting guide.

Cut the can and follow the cutting guide around the side of the can to create a cup that is three inches deep.

Place the can inside the sock, making sure that the toe of the sock is positioned at the bottom of the can (inside the bottom indentation of the can). Completely smear the outside of the can with glue and pull the fabric up around the side of the can.

Place the dried beans in the plastic bag and seal, making sure to remove any air pockets. Place the bag inside the can to create a weighted cushion at the bottom or base.

Dispense glue around the lip and smear glue on the inside of the can, at least one inch from the top of the can. Pull the fabric over the lip of the can and tuck inside. If the sock is too long and creates bulk inside the can, cut the top of the sock to fit the inside of the can (it should overlap at the bottom of the can).

Firmly press the fabric to the sides of the can, to ensure that it is in contact with the glue for better adhesion. Press and pat the fabric on the inside of the can to ensure that it adheres to the glue at the top as well. Set aside and allow to dry overnight.

If desired, decorate the outside of the holder by gluing on beads, decorations or painting.


  • Consider using a paper cup instead of a soda can, for easy cutting. Felt or fabric are alternatives to using the sock, but make sure that the fabric covers the lip of the cup.


  • Be careful working on the lip of the can because it may be sharp after cutting.