How to Make a Canvas Shoe

Things You'll Need

  • Cork board or rolls, at least one inch in thickness
  • Scraps of canvas
  • Drill and 5/16 bit
  • Twine or leather shoe laces
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Thin cardboard

Scrap materials and fabrics can come in very handy and create something lovely, practical and fashionable. Just ask your favorite quilter! However, just because patchwork blankets are not your cup of tea, you should not disregard the value of those extra scraps. Before you toss, recycle or give away an item of clothing or even an accessory, reconsider. Think about what you might be able to create with it instead. For example, you can make a pair shoes using pieces of a torn, stained or worn out canvas bag.

Cut two pieces of the cork, each one two inches wider and two inches longer than your foot. Cut each piece of cork into 3/4-inch vertical strips.

Drill two 5/16-inch holes through each piece of cork in the exact same spot. The holes should go from the front through the back.

Line the cork strips back up into their original rectangular shape. Thread a piece of twine or a leather shoe lace through the first hole at the back of the rectangle through all of the cork strips to the front. Loop it back through the second hole in the front all the way through to the back so that all the cork pieces are fastened together. Tie the twine at the back.

Measure the size and shape of each foot onto a piece of thin cardboard, leaving sufficient room around the edge. Cut the shapes out and trace them onto the pieces of cork. Cut the cork pieces into the shoe shapes.

Cut two pieces of canvas long enough to cover the width of your foot and wide enough to cover the area between your toes and the ball of each foot. Glue these pieces onto the front area of the shoe. This will be the front strap.

Cut two 6-inch long by 3-inch wide pieces of canvas. Loop each piece with the "good" side out and glue the ends together. Glue a loop to the heel of each shoe. Thread each loop with a piece of twine or leather shoe lace, long enough to wrap once around your ankle and tie in the front.


  • If you have a pair of shoes that has seen better days, remove the insole and glue it onto your newly made shoes for extra comfort and support. You can use leather instead of canvas to make these shoes.


  • Try not to get these shoes wet, as the glue might not hold well unless it is waterproof.