How to Make a Candy Cane Vase

Things You'll Need

  • 40 candy canes
  • Strong rubber band
  • Thick green ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pine or spruce trimmings
  • Tin can
  • Craft glue

A candy cane vase is a unique, edible craft that is great for kids to make as a present. This project can be completed pretty much without supervision if the child is eight or older. This vase also makes a sweet candle holder or holiday centerpiece for a table. Follow these steps to make a lovely and fragrant accent for your home.

Place the rubber band around the middle of the tin can. You can use canned goods cans for this project. You do not need to unwrap the label unless you want to, as it will not be visible when you are done. Make sure that the can is completely clean and dry inside.

Insert the candy canes into the rubber band. They should all be positioned so that the hooks on the top are facing out. Put them as close together as possible so that the can is not visible behind the candy canes. As you insert more and more, you will see your vase start to take shape. Be gentle so that they do not break. You can stop when the tin can is completely covered.

Tie a piece of green ribbon around the rubber band in a pretty bow. You may wish to use wire edged ribbon to make the bow larger and fluffier. You can use a drop or two of glue to hold the ribbon in place. It should cover the rubber band completely.

Snip the ends of the ribbon. This makes the vase a little more festive and gives it the air of a Christmas present. You can cut the ends of the ribbon on a slant or notch them to make them more decorative.

Fill the vase with the spruce trimmings. Your vase will scent the whole house with the wonderful, winter aroma of spruce. It will also help everyone get in the holiday mood.


  • You can add more accents to your vase like sequins, beads or even Chrismas ornaments using craft glue.

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