How to Make a Bracelet out of Lacing Cord

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Things You'll Need

  • Lacing cord
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • 5-7 colored beads

Lacing cord is a thin, round nylon string used to bundle cables and wires. It's cheap and you can find it at most hardware stores. For the creative-minded, it serves a second purpose: It's great material for handmade jewelry. More durable than embroidery thread or yarn and cheaper and more malleable than wire, it's ideal for simple beaded bracelets.

Cut two 12-inch pieces of lacing cord and tie them together at one end with a basic knot. Tape the knot to a flat surface in your workspace.

Pull the two pieces slightly apart. Pick up the right-side piece. Lay it across the left-side piece. This creates an oval of cord. Loop the right-side piece under the other and pull the end through that oval. Pull on it slowly, so that the loop you've made around the other piece slides up toward the knot. Pull it tight right under the first knot you made. This is a twist knot. Make 10 more.

Place one of your beads on the right thread and pull it up so it's touching the last loop you made. Make 10 more twist knots, then add another bead. Repeat until your bracelet is long enough to tie loosely around your wrist.

Tie the two cords together in a simple knot. Trim off the ends and tie it on.