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How to Make a Bow in "Minecraft"

In the three-dimensional game "Minecraft," players are expected to dig inside the world and defeat monsters to help survive in the world they create. As of May 2011, players can only craft two kinds of weapons specializing in either melee or range: swords and bows. Swords are more frequently used, because bows require string, a resource only found in dungeon chests and on spiders.

Obtain sticks. These can be crafted right in your inventory grid by placing two wooden planks in your two-by-two grid vertically. If you do not have wooden planks, chop down a tree and place the logs in any single square of your crafting grid.

Obtain string. If you are playing on Peaceful mode, the only way you can get string is by stumbling upon a dungeon randomly. Otherwise, wait until nighttime and defeat enemy spiders. Each spider drops zero to two pieces of string at a time.

Right-click your crafting table for the three-by-three grid to appear.

Fill the first column of squares with pieces of string. You will need three pieces of string to do this.

Fill the second column of squares with sticks, leaving the center square empty. Place a stick in the center square of the third column, causing a picture of a bow to appear in the side.

Click the bow and place it into your inventory.


Bows will never take damage and break. If you are playing on Peaceful, consider changing the difficulty to Easy, Normal or Hard while you are obtaining string.


  • String can also be used to make wool, but this is a waste of resources, because sheep also provide wool. Players playing on Peaceful cannot hear nearby enemies, and so come across dungeons randomly, since they are difficult to pinpoint.
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