How to Make a Blazer Jacket

Sewing your own custom blazer is a rewarding project.
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Selecting a pattern and designing a custom blazer is a rewarding sewing project. Various looks are possible with changes in fabric, color and pattern styles. Using your creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind custom look for any season.

Things You'll Need

  • Material
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Buttons (Optional)
  • Pattern
  • Ripper
  • Thread

Select a pattern at your local fabric store. Patterns are available for men, women or children. If this is one of your first sewing projects, you may want to select a Sew Easy pattern. Those with more advanced sewing skills may decide to line their jackets with silk fabric or add buttons and pockets to the blazer.

Purchase your material and matching thread. Read the pattern directions to determine how much material is necessary. Also determine if your fabric should be washed prior to beginning the sewing project. Wool fabrics work best for heavier jackets while lighter fabrics such as tweed, cotton and linen work well for summer blazers.

Follow the pattern instructions and cut out the pieces of your project. Most blazers require at least seven pieces including the right and left side of the blazer back, right and left side of the blazer front, left arm, right arm and collar. Additional pieces may be necessary for the jacket lining or for pockets.

Sew the back and front piece together following the pattern directions. Each arm is sewn together separately and then sewn to the jacket body. Complete the project by sewing the collar to the jacket.

You may wish to add pockets or details to your blazer including buttons, pockets or embroidery. For a special touch, shop second-hand stores for unique or antique buttons to use in your project.


  • Always take your measurements first and coordinate them to the pattern size. Pattern sizes can run larger or smaller than traditional store sizes, so work form the measurements to get the best fit.


  • If you make a mistake or the jacket is not fitting properly, use a ripper to unstitch the garment and re-sew. You may lose a little time, but you'll end up with a professional looking project.