How to Make a Big Card

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces of poster board
  • Clear shipping tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Dictionary
  • Colored markers

To make a big impression, give a big greeting card. While some card shops sell super-sized cards, you can make your own using a few basic materials and your imagination. Because the selection of extra large greeting cards is limited, making your own makes it possible to give a big card for any occasion. Big cards are ideal for parties where multiple people will be signing the card. It is also a fun project for a youngster who can’t really afford to buy mom or dad a birthday gift, but wants to give a card that stands out.

Select two identical-sized pieces of poster board. Find poster board in office supply stores or in the stationery section of discount or department stores. They come in a variety of colors.

Lay one piece of poster board atop the other, lining up the edges. The poster board on the bottom will be the card’s back, while the top piece is the card’s front.

Tape the left side of the boards together by running a piece of clear shipping tape along the entire left edge of the boards. Affix half of the tape’s width to the top piece, and the other half to the bottom piece, creating a greeting card. Press the tape down to remove any air bubbles.

Trim off any excess tape from the top or bottom of the card, if necessary.

Open the card and lay it flat so that the two pieces of poster board are side by side.

Run a piece of clear shipping tape down the center of the card, affixing half of the tape’s width to one poster board and the other half to the other poster board. Press the tape down to remove any air bubbles.

Create a rough draft of the card’s artwork and text, using a separate piece of paper.

Check the spelling of the text intended for the card, using the dictionary.

Add the outline of the text and artwork to the outside and inside of the card, using a pencil. Press lightly so that it will be easy to erase if necessary.

To complete the card, draw over the pencil marking using colored markers.


  • Instead of markers, use paints to create the card&#039;s artwork, add stickers or glue on magazine cut outs, glitter or scrapbook embellishments.