How to Make a Beer Bottle Wind Chime

Beer Bottle Wind Chime

Why not put those extra Bud Light beer bottles that are just too cool to throw away to good use? Recycle them by making wind chimes out of them. No, they won't break in the wind - they're aluminum! Be creative and use one red, one white and one blue beer bottle. These make a gentle clinking noise in the wind, not a loud boisterous noise.

Cut 3 strands of fishing line, each 2 1/2 feet long.

Aluminum Beer Bottles

Take a strand of fishing line and tie it around one beer bottle neck. Take the second strand of line and tie it around a second beer bottle. Take the third strand and tie it around the third bottle. Make sure you section off the same amount of line to tie each knot. You might want to double tie them to make sure they don't slip off.

Now bring two of the fishing lines up through the two holes at each end of the horseshoe and the third line up through the hole in the center of the horseshoe. Wrap each line back through the holes three times to hold the lines in their spot. If your horseshoe has no center hole, you can wrap the line around the center spot several times and tie. Just make sure your beer bottles are going to be hanging fairly close together at about the same length. It doesn't have to match up perfectly.

Now bring all lines back together above the horseshoe, grab all three strands and tie them together into a ring and hang! You can cut or adjust the line if needed.

Tie the denim strips anywhere on the wind chime that you want.