How to Make a Beauty Queen Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Formal dress
  • Tiara
  • White Fabric sash
  • Paint Marker
  • Pins

A beauty queen costume is a fun and not at all scary choice for Halloween and costume parties. It is an easy costume to make out of items you will very likely already have in your closet or that you can pick up at a thrift store. Here is how to make a beauty queen costume.

Find or purchase a used formal dress. You can use a bridesmaid dress you never thought you would wear again. You can find a dress at the thrift store. The dress can be long or short, as long as it is very pretty.

Tiaras are easy to find and generally less than $10. Every beauty queen needs a tiara. The bigger your tiara is, the better.

You can make our sash out of a wide length of ribbon or you can sew it from stiff white fabric. It doesn't have to be white, but the writing will show better on a white sash. A sash is simply a long strip of fabric with the ends cut at an angle and pinned together at the bottom. Using Your paint pen, you can write whatever title you want to bestow upon yourself. You can dub yourself “Queen of he World,” “Princess of the Party,” or "Miss Better-than-you.” Use your imagination to come up with a clever slogan for your sash.

Dress yourself meticulously, as if you were going to the most elegant ball. Use your best hairdo, wear makeup and do your nails. Wear a cute pair of shoes to coordinate with your dress. A beauty queen always looks her best.

Put on your sash and pin it in place. Secure your tiara to your head. Put on your best smile. Give an occasional beauty queen wave and have fun!


  • Consider other variations on your costume such a zombie beauty queen, where you would add ghostly makeup, or a fairy god mother or good witch, where you would add a magic wand.

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