How to Make a Beard for Halloween

Fake beards work well with a variety of costumes and faces.
David Silverman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Halloween beards are an easy, homemade addition to complete store-bought costumes or to complement a custom-made getup. Not only are they cheap and simple to make, they also look convincing and work well with many different outfits. The reusability of a homemade beard is also a plus since you can use it for other holiday occasions where costumes may be required. The ability to fit the beard to the face of the wearer is yet another benefit to creating your own beard over purchasing a commercial product.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 Ball Of Yarn The Color Of The Felt
  • Scissors
  • 1 Piece Of Colored, Self-Adhesive Felt

Cut the felt into a shape and length that suits your face and head size. A moustache can be included by cutting a mouth hole with the top half of the opening fitting under your nose and above your mouth.

Cut the yarn into pieces about 4 inches in length. Leave two pieces of yarn leftover for ties, cut to about 6 to 10 or more inches in length, depending on your head size.

Remove the adhesive cover from the back of the felt and lay it out, sticky-side up.

Press the yarn securely onto the adhesive, working your way over the entire piece of felt until the entire surface is covered with yarn.

Stick one yarn tie to each side edge of the beard so it can be tied to your head. Make sure the ties are stuck securely to the felt.

Position the beard appropriately onto your face then tie the two long yarn pieces together, behind your head. Your Halloween beard is complete.