How to Make a Beach Collage,,

Things You'll Need

  • Pictures from or of the beach
  • Shells
  • Sand
  • Blue glitter glue
  • Magazines
  • Piece of poster board
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Collages can tell a story or present a comprehensive image of a complicated emotion or experience. Because they are compilations of impressions, a collage is a great way to commemorate a fun vacation or express feelings about a particular event. Many of us remember times at the beach as some of the happiest, carefree days of our lives. A beach vacation is one of the best ways to "leave it all behind" for a little while and just enjoy nature, our families and ourselves. Looking at a beach collage can help you recall those peaceful, happy feelings or the exhilaration that you felt while riding a wave or a seaside carnival ride as well as bringing back romantic feelings that you enjoyed at the shore.

Select a group of pictures that you want to use in your collage. These can be images of you and your friends, beautiful scenery or even pictures of the hotel, restaurants or main strip around the beach that you visited. If you are not making a collage that features pictures that you have taken, rip pages from magazines that show images that make you think of the beach or that depict places that you would like to go.

You can use stencils to create exciting shapes with your pictures, or cut them freehand.

Trim the pictures as necessary. If you do not want to include an entire picture or you just think that an image would look better in a less traditional shape than a 4-by-6 photo, cut the photos and pictures to fit the shapes you have in mind. For example, you might cut out a picture of a palm tree so that only the palm tree remains, or you could cut a picture of you and your spouse into a heart shape.

Lay out the main layer of pictures. This will be the layer with the largest pictures and will form the basis for your collage. As you become comfortable with the layout, begin gluing the pictures down.

Add accents to the collage. These can be magazine cutouts, words or shells and other beach memorabilia. For example, you might paste the large palm tree that you cut out of a magazine in the corner of the collage over some of the pictures. That way, it will appear to be "shading" your beach collage in a whimsical fashion. You can also glue shells near the corners of pictures to create the illusion of frames or along the bottom of the collage to form a surreal "beach" at the bottom of the picture.

Use the sand or glitter glue to outline special pictures or write the date or other sayings on the collage. Again, it is okay to cover up parts of the pictures. Just make sure that you do not obscure anything that it important to you. You might write something like "Second Honeymoon at Myrtle Beach 2008" across the bottom of the collage or use the blue glitter to outline the central photo in the collage--maybe the heart-shaped picture of you and your spouse!


  • If you want to frame your collage, buy a poster frame and remove the plastic from the frame so that your shells and other 3-dimensional accents do not get squashed by the frame.