How to Make a Baseball Bat

How to Make a Baseball Bat. Baseball is an all-American pastime for people of all ages. There are many ways to enjoy the sport. Whether you play yourself, coach your child's team or enjoy yourself as a spectator, baseball is fun. Maximize your enjoyment by making your own baseball bat. Read on to learn more.

Purchase a piece of wood to be used as a bat blank. Choose a type of wood that has a close grain. The closer the grain, the tighter the wood and the stronger the bat will be. Ash is a good choice and you can find it at shops that sell specialty woods.

Use a center marker to find the center of the piece of wood. Hold one end of the wood firmly against the back edge on your center marker. To make a baseball bat that will be balanced, strike the wood with another piece of wood. The indention made will make a straight line to serve as a centering mark. Rotate the piece of wood 90 degrees. Strike it again, marking the center of the wood blank. Now, on the other end of the wood blank, do the same thing. You should have a clear "x" perfectly marked in the center of each end.

Line up the center of the piece of wood to the drive center on a large lathe (machine that spins the wood). If the wood is balanced properly, it will spin smoothly. If it spins out of control, it's not balanced and you must repeat Step 2.

Spin the wood on the lathe while using a 1 ½-inch roughing gouge to sculpt the bat to the size you want.

Take a skew (finishing tool that cuts and smoothes) and complete the defining of the shape to make a baseball bat. It's a good idea to have a bat on hand that you can look at to help you get just the right definition.

Shape the round edge of the bat top and the handle by using a spindle gouge. Turn the handle against the sharp spindle gouge slowly and carefully to make a baseball bat. Then, use an electric sander to smooth the bat completely as it spins again on the lathe.

Put the finishing touch on when you make a baseball bat by spraying with a varathane clear spray. Once the finish dries, smooth it out by rubbing it gently with steel wool. Spray another coat of finish and allow it to dry for at least 48 hours.


Wear safety glasses. Wood particles and chips fly, especially when you're working with wood on a lathe.

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