How to Make a Bag Out of Candy Wrappers

Things You'll Need

  • ALOT of Gum, candy wrappers( Stick gum, starburst etc)
  • Scissors
  • monofilament fishing line, or clear thread
  • hand sewing needle
  • material or cord for strap

Ever wondered how to make those cool purses out of candy and gum wrappers? Here is how I did it!

Open candy wrappers so that they lay flat. Cut them in half Lengthwise .FOLD them in half along Length.

Open and fold Lower half of wrapper into middle. FOLD upper half towards middle. Fold wrapper in half along length again. Wrapper should be several layers at this point. Fold in half . Fold in half towards middle. When you have 2 wrappers folded in this fashion you can join them.

Join wrappers by fitting the ends into the slots of the other wrapper. Repeat this many times until you have a long Gum Wrapper chain.

Once you have a long Gum Wrapper chain, or several small ones you will be ready to join them together to form a purse or handbag. Cut into the desired size, and begin by sewing them together with the Clear fishing line or thread, pull them tightly together. OR with one long string of Gum Wrappers just sew together to form a round bag. Join the bottom and add a strap!

Continue to add to the strings of wrappers until you have the desired size. Join the bottom and sides, Add a strap and off you go!