How to Make a 3D Dragonfly

Jupiterimages/ Images

Things You'll Need

  • Beads, buttons, clay, wood
  • Wire
  • Acetate transparency film
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Colored marker

There are many ways to make a three-dimensional dragonfly. Since the body is simply a tube, you can use many different materials to start. Think of the eyes and how large they are compared to the thin body. Decide whether you want to have two wings or four wings. If you want to make four wings, remember that one pair sits closer to the head, and the second pair behind it. Dragonflies have six legs. Using this information as a starting point, you can make a dragonfly.

Form the body. Roll clay into a roll, cut wood, wrap wire into a long narrow shape, or stitch beads together to form a long, narrow cylinder shape.

Add eyes. Use larger beads, large balls of clay, wood forms or wire wound into a ball. You can also use buttons or other artifacts you have that will fit your design.

Attach the wings. You can make the wings of beads, wood, flat woven wire, or acetate transparency film. If you use transparency film, draw two or four matching wings that fit your design. Use your colored markers to design the wing veins or coloration. Attach the wings using stitching, wire or glue.

If legs are desired, make them of a thin wire, wood, or thin rolls of clay. You can also make them of thread with small beading. Attach the six legs, three on each side of the body, under the wings.

Attach invisible thread, wire, or chain to the dragonfly if you wish to hang it up.


  • Let your creativity flow. Dragonflies are colorful and simple to make, so you can embellish to your heart's content.


  • Keep wire, wood and small parts away from small children.