How to Macrame a Dog Leash

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Things You'll Need

  • Lengths of macrame cord
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Metal snap
  • Needle
  • Heavy thread

Many public places require your dog to be leashed when out and about. Training regimens and exercise routines also provide a need for a leash. While there are many styles and colors available to purchase commercially, they are expensive and lack a personal touch. With a few easy steps you can make your own leash in custom colors and lengths for all your needs. You could even color-coordinate your dog's accessories with your outfit.

Cut two lengths of macrame cord to your desired length. The cord must be much longer than the length of your end product. Wrap the ends with masking tape or a few dabs of glue to prevent the fibers from unraveling.

Find the center point of your strands. Pinch the strands together so they make a small loop. Pass this loop through the metal ring on the end of the snap. Place the loop over the top of the snap and pull it taught so the snap is secured to the middle of the strands. You should have four strands hanging down from the snap.

Clip the snap to a stationary object so you can keep tension on the strands while you tie the knots. The two strands in the middle are the filler strands. The strands on each side are your active strands.

Take the strand on the left and create a 90-degree bend so the length of the strand passes across the two filler strands and underneath the right-hand strand.

Take the right-hand strand and make a 90-degree bend left. Pass it under the filler strands and through the loop created by the left-hand strand.

Repeat the process in reverse to finish the knot. The strand that is now on the left will bend down and pass under the filler strands. Bring the strand that is on the right under the strand you just brought across to make a loop. Pass it over the filler strands and through the loop on the opposite side to secure it.

Continue this process until you reach the end of the leash. End the knots with a few simple overhand knots.

Create a handle for the leash by doubling over the knotted strand you just created to make a loop. Use a needle with heavy string to pass through the two sections, then finish by wrapping the thread around the sections covering about 1 inch.


  • A 30-inch leash will need two strands of 160-inch cord. A 40-inch leash will require two strands of 200-inch cord. A 50-inch leash takes about 240 inches.

    Use contrasting colors for visual appeal. Try different knots for different looks or combine different knots.

    Use a lighter weight cord for smaller animals, heavy cord for larger ones.