How to Learn Trapunto

How to Learn Trapunto. Trapunto is a style of quilting that raises and highlights certain parts of the fabric. It's easy to learn. You can do trapunto by hand or by machine. The main thing to remember is to find fabric with simple designs to outline. Read on to learn how to learn trapunto.

Choose a fabric with a design that you want to make "pop" from the rest of the design. For example, choose a simple floral design that has some unique larger flowers. Choose the larger flowers to trapunto.

Pin muslin behind the area you plan to outline with trapunto quilting. Place the pins in such a manner that you can still use your sewing machine without damaging the machine.

Set the sewing machine to darn or for free hand stitching. You may need to change the presser foot to a darning foot depending on your machine. Thread the machine with a color that matches the fabric. You want the thread color to blend in rather than stand out.

Take a couple small stitches in the outline of the fabric. Backstitch a couple stitches. Continue to outline your chosen design. Backstitch to tie off the threads. Clip the threads. You must completely enclose the design with stitching for the trapunto quilting effect to work properly.

Make a small, ½-inch slit on the back of the muslin. Gently insert tiny pieces of stuffing into the area that you just stitched. Make sure all the nooks and crannies get some--but not too much--stuffing in them.

Turn the fabric face up and lay it on a table. Smooth it out. Make sure all the areas look the way you want them to.

Stitch the slit in the muslin with a needle and thread.


Don't pull it up too tightly or the trapunto may pucker in the front.

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