How to Knit a Book Cover

Knitting a book cover is perfect for a new knitter with basic skills. Teens will love having a sweater for each of their school books. After finishing your first knit book cover, get creative, adding your own personality to the original pattern with different stitches and yarn choices. Remember, everyone knits differently. To start your project with exact measurements, you may want to knit a test strip and measure how many stitches and rows it takes to make an inch.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Knitting Needles
  • Yarn

Gather or purchase your supplies. Choose 1 skein medium worsted weight yarn (7 or 8 oz) and a pair of number eight knitting needles.

Open the book and lay it flat on your work surface. Measure the length and width. Add four inches to the width. For the purposes of these instructions, we will knit a book cover for a book that measures 16 inches across and 10 inches in length. Our final measurements for the book cover is 20 inches across and 10 inches in length.

Cast on 80 stitches. For a different size book, figure your measurements with 4 stitches per inch or by your test strip.

Knit in the knit stitch for 80 rows, or until the length fits the book. Cast off your stitches. Figure measurements for a different size book with 8 rows per inch or by your test strip.

Thread a large-eyed needle with a strand of yarn. Fold over 2 inches on one side of the width. Whip stitch at the top and bottom of the knit book cover, leaving the end open. Repeat the same process at the other end of the book cover. This will create a pocket at each side. This is the inside of your book cover.

Place your book on the inside of the knitted book cover, pulling the pockets at each end over the end of the book covers.


  • Choose a washable yarn so the knitted book cover can be removed and washed.