How to Introduce an Act in a Music Hall

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Most music halls have an emcee to introduce the acts but sometimes the duty falls to others. A novice announcer, such as a fan or contest winner, occasionally may be tasked with making the introduction. If you're terrified by the prospect of introducing the band, knowing the basics of announcing will help you get the show started right.


The death knell of any public-address announcer is the mispronunciation of names. Even if a band name seems common and simple enough on paper, always ask for the correct pronunciation before making your introduction.

Keep It Short

As the announcer, your job is to get the show going and get off the stage. Keep your intro short. Say hello, welcome the crowd and introduce the band; it's as simple as that -- unless any specific house rules need addressing. Write out a script of what you're going to say, practice it and memorize it beforehand. You don't want to be seen reading from a piece of paper on stage.

It's Not About You

Don't make any reference to yourself in the intro. Check your ego at the stage door. Everything you say should be about the act, the venue and if it's a benefit concert, the cause. This isn't a time for self-aggrandizing, personal reflection or telling jokes. The audience wants the show to start. The musicians -- not you -- are supposed to wow the crowd.