How to Install Hulu Plus on the PS3

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The PlayStation 3 (PS3), a video-game system developed by Sony, includes the online PlayStation Store, giving you access to hundreds of game add-ons, movies and more. The service also allows you to download applications such as Hulu's premium-subscription video-streaming service, Hulu Plus. Access the console's PlayStation Store to install the application to your PS3.

Power on your PS3 and sign in to your PlayStation Network account. Depending on your settings, the console may automatically sign you in.

Open the XrossMediaBar, if necessary, by pushing the controller's "PS" button.


Scroll to the "Games" category.

Select "PlayStation Store" from the "Games" category. The PlayStation Store opens.


Select the eyeglass icon at the upper right. A keyboard displays at the bottom of the screen.


Enter "Hulu Plus" and and select "Search." The PlayStation Store takes a few seconds to deliver a results list.


Select "Hulu Plus" when results appear. A summary of the app appears.


Select "Download" and confirm the download on the pop-up prompt. Hulu Plus will now be installed on your PS3.



  • Run Hulu Plus from the "Videos" section of the XrossMediaBar.


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