How to Install a Pop Filter

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Pop filters are used to mute pops, smacks or other mouth noises that may find their way into the recording mix. The filter cleans up the voice by preventing any unnecessary sounds from reach the microphone. Pop filters are also used to prevent spit and moisture put forth by a singer or entertainer from contaminating the expensive microphones. The sounds of "B," "T," "S" and "P" tend to slip into audio mixes without the use of a pop filter.

Unscrew the clamp on the pop filter's flexible neck using your fingers. Loosen the clamp enough so the arm of the microphone stand can fit into the slot where the pop filter attaches to the stand.

Adjust the position of the clamp on the pop filter neck. Position the clamp on the arm of the microphone stand so that the pop filter is seated 2 inches away from the front of the microphone.


Tighten the clamp clockwise using your fingers to secure the pop filter to the microphone stand.



  • Pop filters are generally placed about 2 inches from the microphone. Singers tend to stand 6 inches away from the microphone while singing.