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How to Insert a Bobbin in a Singer Tradition Sewing Machine

Change the bobbin in your Singer sewing machine.
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Insert the bobbin in a Singer Tradition sewing machine properly to avoid tangled threads in the bobbin compartment and missed stitches due to broken thread lines caused by improper insertion. The Singer Tradition is available in Model 2250 as a portable sewing machine, and the 2259 standard model. The machines come with a 25-year guarantee and automatic button-hole features.

Raise the needle by turning the hand wheel. Use the groove on the left side of the machine to open the hinged door that protects the bobbin compartment.

Pull out the bobbin case using the tab located in the center.

Place the new bobbin into the case so the thread runs clockwise. If a bobbin is inside of the case, it must be removed first. The old bobbin can be removed by inserting a fingernail under the edge and gently pulling it out or tapping the case gently on your hand or other surface to cause the bobbin to fall out.

Pull the end of the thread through the slit on the side of the case. There is a finger covering the slit. Once the thread is properly inserted in the slit it will be under the finger. Pull the thread until a 6-inch section protrudes from under the finger.

Hold the hinged latch and place the bobbin back in the shuttle. Close the hinged door.

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