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How to Hoop Knit

Hoop knitting does not require as much hand coordination as regular knitting.
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Hoop knitting, or loom knitting, is a form of knitting that doesn’t require any needles. Instead, hoop knitters use a circular hoop with pegs to make a variety of knitted creations. Hoop knitting is relatively simple to learn. It is a good way to teach children to knit and is also beneficial for seniors who cannot grasp knitting needles as firmly as they once could.

Things You'll Need:

  • Hoop Knitting Tool
  • Knitting Hoop
  • Yarn

Casting On

Wrap the yarn around the peg on the side of the loom three times to secure it to the side of the loom. Pull the thread between the two pegs closest to the side peg so it is in the center of the hoop.

Wrap the thread around the nearest peg and then bring the thread back to the center.

Continue wrapping each peg with the thread, bringing the thread back to the center each time.

Wrap the thread around each peg working clockwise until you get back to the peg you started with. Hold the thread with your thumb and use the other hand to push down the thread loops to the base of the loom.

Repeat this process to create a second row of loops on each peg.

Basic Knit Stitch

Hold the hoop knitting tool in your primary hand and locate the peg nearest the side peg where you anchored your yarn.

Use the tool to pick up the thread at the bottom of the peg.

Bring the thread up and over the top of the peg to create your first knit stitch.

Repeat this process, working clockwise around the loom until each peg has a completed stitch on it.

Continue wrapping the thread around each peg and then using your hoop knitting tool to bring the bottom thread over each peg.

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